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Poiat story

Poiat is a Helsinki-based architecture and design office established in 2010. It designs objects and interiors - from private homes and corporate headquarters to retail spaces, restaurants, cafés and furnitures. In 2014 Poiat launched its own furniture collection.

Founders Antti Rouhunkoski, Timo Mikkonen and Marco Rodriques have a simple philosophy of design: creating a strong atmosphere and vision. Aesthetics - the fact that something is beautiful - can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels good.

The aim is always to create spatial experience and integrated spaces that are atmospherically unique. Material, with layers of history and visual cultures, bold but long-lasting, classic yet lively. The Poiat handprint can be seen in flashes of the past and future, dreams and contemporary details.

One of the office`s recent projects has been a new retail concept for the Finnish suit brand Turo: a complete entity ranging from furniture to the smallest details. Poiat´s award-winning and internationally-recognised Lavitta collection of tables and chairs is being sold in more that 10 countries. The fundamental elements of the collection are quality materials and the quiet luxury of beautiful forms. 


The Team

Antti Rouhunkoski

Antti is passionate guy for trend and visual culture which usually influences his interior concepts. Searching always for quality in his design he takes care of the overall image not forgetting the final details. Antti´s interests as a designer is to create visual identities for each company client from office spaces to retail interiors; even the fashion trends can be motif for a nice interior concept. He wants to serve people with the high standard and make all the project partakers feel comfortable and good. He considers himself as an aesthete and believes that beautiful surrounding can improve the human wellbeing.

Timo Mikkonen

Timo is passionate for furniture design and sketching. By hand rendering he approaches to each project with sensitivity and amazing sense of perspective. Nature is Timo´s main inspiration and image of old grandpas chair that can be transformed into the something contemporary and placed to production. As a person Timo is easy going and reserved but in the moment of scoring a goal he reveals his unforgettable smile.

Marco Rodriguez

Marco is passionate in architecture especially in small-scale housing and medium density planning. He thinks that architecture should be complex in thought but simple in solutions. Marco likes concepts and processes of design and in addition to practice teaching is another of his passions. At the moment Marco is lecturer in department of spatial design in Aalto University specializing in interiors, exhibition architecture and presentation methods. As a person Marco is social and easy to approach either it is question of professional topics or just to have Latin American small-talk.

Publications and Awards

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