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Poiat Office in Deko magazine

POIAT office is presented in the latest issue of Deko magazine. In article boys tell about the ideology of their design and aims and dreams in future.

Poiat is designing a new low-energy house consept

POIAT is planning a new low-energy house consept in co-operation with Gaia consulting.   The Purpose is to create the consept wich is modular, ecological and represents contemporary quality architecture. The sustainability of house is also based on the compactivity of living and therefore no useless space inside the building is left.

New perspectives for kitchen

During this spring POIAT will exhibit few projects where new kinds of solutions for kitchen furniture has been one of the main task of the design.   In one project old 50´s furniture is smartly adapted to the new cabinets and surface materials.

Extension of terrace

In Autumm 2010 POIAT planned sauna terrace Extension in Helsinki. Project goal was to adapt new big terrace extension to old existing wooden log sauna. Plan included architectural planning of surrounding landscape, extension of patio and lighting.

Avoin 140 exhibition

POIAT is participating Avoin 140 exhibition held at Design museum in Helsinki.   Welcome to see the project Villa K´s scale models at exhibition 11.01-27.02.2011. Avoin 140 exhibition presents designers and artists works from the near past.   See and read more about exhibition...Avoin 140  

Apartment LV under process

POIAT is just working with the challenging task of interior design for apartment located in central Helsinki.   Work will include design of floorplan, fixtures and lighting. The sketches are already made and during the end of year stage 2- the technical drawings - will be also completed.

Poiat Office moves to new location

POIAT office found the new nice location in Päivärinnankatu 7 behind the Alvar Aalto designed KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) building. This space - back in the days used as a grocery store - will give a great opportunity to present the plans and the products through three...

Italo music @ Bar Nolla

Other half of Poiat office made a dj gig in bar Nolla last saturday. There was held Dj-Collective Nerd Networks first mixtape releasing party called Gang bangs of New York. In the middle of the notorius "Bermuda triangle" of Kamppi the wide range of dance music attracted people to come...