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Latrine or outhouse as it’s known in North America, is a traditional type of toilet that is still used frequently today in summer cottages across Finland. In the latrine the human waste is collected to a container and subsequently composted and dried. No running water or sewerage necessary.

Unlike Finland and other western countries where waste management and sanitation are dealt with by modern water and sewage technologies, many African nations struggle with water sanitation and hygiene issues not to mention health, social and ecological problems resulting from the poor waste management and treatment practices.

When there is no water nor money, creative innovative ideas are required to solve these difficult problems. Based on these challenges we create an interesting solution for MOA 2012, managing human waste in the shape of a modern latrine and urinal concept realized in co-operation with various parties. An important part of the concept are the water saving tap and grey water system utilized in the hand washing lavatory adopted from the Aalto – UNICEF Finland student project.  
Planning: POIAT office Oy  
Aalto Unicef Finland työryhmä: Irena Bakić, Hannele Kenkkilä, Thomas Hurd,  
Joao Barguil, Andrew Clutterbuck + MOA.  
Construction and production: Kari Kääriäinen Tapani Honkavaara and MOA.  
Materials and equipment: Stora-Enso Oyj and Biolan.  
Cooperation partner: Unicef Finland  
Photos // Arsi Ikäheimonen