Poiat designed a modern "rintamamiestalo" for Sunhouse. The design is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Finnish wooden houses made in the first half of the 20th century. The first guidelines of the Q2 are based in the same concepts that the original house were based on: the main material of construction has to be wood, easy to produce and well suited for mass production but the main point that the design could be suitable for the city and the countryside.

Following these main guides The Q2 house is designed as a wood pre-fabricated house which can be adapted in any place of Finland.

The main concept of the Q2 house is the flexibility of the façade and the inside vistas for every condition of a Finnish plot. The main idea of the cube it that the volume can be rotated depending of the conditions of the plot, north location and views.

The main design elements of the house is composed by two main elements, the skin and the main core of the building, the interstice of these elements is where are the functions and living spaces.


As in the Rintamamiestalo design the main square design of the building respond to the brick chimney and the stairs, in the Q2 house the main core is translated into a box inside the house. In this box are located the most important functions, the fi re place, the hearth, the stairs and the sanitary facilities; are placed which organizes all the spaces around the core.


The Circulation as well respond to the main concept. The main concept of the circulation is to have the central block free of any wall. Creating a free circulation around the core of the house. This circulation generates all the functions and living spaces.

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